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Competition Entry: Libby Chang was originally created by Tristan0709. To see the original, see here.

This page is a spoiler.
Libby Chang has yet to appear in Cockney Heroes, please proceed with caution.

Libby Chang
Portrayed by Unkknown
First appearance Cockney Heroes
In-story stats
Known ability Emotive ability manipulation
Formal name Elizabeth Leticia Chang
Age 27
Date of birth September 7th, 1979.
Place of birth Shanghai, China
Date of marriage Unknown
Occupation former Comic book store worker
Assignment tracker [[User:Cockney Heroes/ATs/Libby Chang|Yes]]

Libby Chang is a Chinese-born, Australian-raised evolved human with the ability to change her ability depending on the strong emotions she is feeling at the time. She knew nothing of her parentage, but discovered that she was used as a test subject by Dr. Zimmerman after he was forced into working for The Company again.

Character History

Evolved Human Abilities

Libby possesses emotive ability manipulation, the ability to change abilities at will. Originally, this only depended on her emotions, but she has recently managed to take control of this and use abilities that she chooses, rather than automatically.

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