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Part 1 and Part 2 of Mary Rose's Origins arc have been released.

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Mary Rose, Part 1
The Message

Chapter: One
Number: 501
Planned by: Altes
Written by: Altes
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: 25th June, 2010
Next Chapter: Mary Rose, Part 2

The Story

Mary turned the TV off when somebody knocked at the door.

“Police! Open up!”

The voice was familiar. "Not this son of a bitch again", thought Mary, as she opened the door and saw Officer Savage's smug face. Officer Savage was a lump of a man, he was stereotypical policeman sitting behind a desk all day and eating donuts, he had become incredibly fat.

Officer Savage was the most hated cop in the town. He loved to think that he was the top policeman in the town and that no one could touch him. He lived to torment the gangs and make sure each one knew that he was watching them. Because of this each gang member dreamt about killing him.

"What do you want, officer?” asked Mary angrily.

"Good to see you alive and well, Miss Rose", replied Officer Savage in his usual smug tone. "Have you watched news?"

"Yes, I was just watching it. What about it?” replied Mary. "Those psychos have slaughtered the Fishers gang. Why do you care?"

"You should've watched the news more carefully, Miss Rose", grinned Savage. "The Fishers are dead, and now they're going to claim more victims. Take a look".

He pulled a photograph out of his pocket and gave it to Mary. She swept it out of Savage's fingers, which looked like sausages. The photo depicted the crime scene Mary was watching a few minutes ago. "So what?” she thought but then she noticed something she hadn't seen before.

"FOXES, YOU'RE NEXT". These words were written in blood on asphalt near the mutilated bodies of Fishers.

"Crap", muttered Mary.

"Exactly, Miss Rose", replied Officer Savage and took the photo back. "Your gang is next and if I were you, I'd leave town. I wouldn't like anything to happen with your pretty face... Mary".

She knew this was the reason for his visit, Savage would never attack gangs but he wanted them gone, so he wanted her to just leave? But what about her gang? She was tempted to attack Savage right there, he had always thought of himself as a ladies’ man he couldn’t see how his fat features made him the most undesirable man in town. But she couldn’t stay here much longer. She needed to see the rest of her gang.

"Got it, officer. Now get out".

"Of course, Miss Rose", Savage grinned again. "I'm sure you have a lot of business. See you later. Or not at all".

Chuckling nastily, Savage turned around and left. "FOXES, YOU'RE NEXT". Mary couldn't get these words off of her mind. The others may already know. She had to meet them.

Mary put on a jacket and slammed the door. The chandelier fell off the ceiling and shattered.

The Foxes usually gathered at their favourite cafe, "Drink N Sink". Mary got there as fast as she could, but none of her gang was there. Instead, there was only Greg.

"Mary", the grey-haired man smiled. "Just as I thought. I knew you would come here".

"Hi Greg", Mary smiled in response. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to take care of your patients?"

"Just finished with the two survivors from Fisher's gang", said Greg. "They'll be fine, but they will be scarred for life. Seeing your fellows being killed by themselves, it's..."

"Themselves? What does that mean?"

"It means what it means. Haven't you heard? All who fight those crazy bastards die because they kill themselves with their own weapons".

Mary was shocked. She had heard the rumours of the gang members killing each other but she thought it was just that, a rumour... but apparently it wasn’t. Greg never joked about such things.

Greg was a doctor who worked from home; he had made his own house into a hospital for the entire town. He treated anyone who would come to him; this meant the gangs in the town never messed with him. All of them were protecting him, in fact. Greg wasn't affiliated with the police, he rarely asked questions, so all in the town trusted him plus Greg never failed them. But now that he's at the Foxes' cafe and waiting for Mary, something must have gone wrong...

"They are coming after you too?” asked Mary, as a terrible thought occurred to her.

Greg sighed and nodded.

"I've received a note from them. But nevermind that. Larry told me to wait for you here and take you to his place. Everyone will be there and will be preparing for the fight".

So Larry, the leader of the Foxes, wants to fight back. "We're so dead", desperately thought Mary.

"Let’s go", said Greg. "The others are waiting".

Walking through the town, Mary noticed that Greg seemed perfectly happy; he wasn’t scared or even nervous unlike her. Or at least so he looked. As they made their way to Larry’s place, which wasn’t exactly the most comfortable place to have a meeting, Mary started to go through what she knew about this new threat but what she did know was absolutely nothing. Mary started getting more and more nervous. She wished she was going to Greg’s house; at least his was way more comfortable than the apartment Larry called home. With him being a doctor the town paid him for medical treatment allowing him to but one of the most expensive houses in town. Greg was a real talent... and now some psychos want him dead.

Before she knew it they were walking into Larry’s apartment, Larry a tall man in the mid-thirties was also not showing any emotion. He was completely calm. Mary couldn't tell what he was thinking when he briefly glanced at her and Greg.

"It’s about time you two showed up, we have been waiting."

Mary and Greg just nodded and took their sits.

"Okay, now everyone's here", began Larry. "I expect all of you are familiar with the situation. The Fishers are dead, as many other gangs are and now we're next. Are we gonna die, just like all those they targeted? Or are we going to fight back and kill those bastards ourselves? What do you think? Are we going to be the cowards or are we going to be the Foxes?"

The room filled with consonantal sounds. Mary always thought Larry had a way with words, his speeches always got people to do what he wanted. He was a natural leader.

"I personally have no idea why no one could stand against them. Everybody was just slaughtered. Don't let it scare you, because if we panic, we'll be killed for sure. We are called the Foxes, not the cubs, and there won't be a day someone will doubt it!"

The room filled with sounds once again, now louder.

"I don't know when they will come, but we should be prepared for an attack at any moment. Is everyone armed?" Most of the Foxes flourished their weapons. Mary stumbled. She had forgotten her gun at home, she didn't even have a knife with her and now she was the only one with no weapons! But she couldn't let herself say it out loud - the last thing she needed was for the rest of the gang’s looks.

"Greg", she whispered. "Do you have any weapons?"

He chuckled and pulled brass knuckle dusters out of his pocket.

"Here, take it. I don't think I'm gonna need it..."

"Thanks, Greg, you've saved my life", Mary said relieved.

Mary was lulled into a sense of calm, they were going to fight and although she preferred not to it seemed they had some time to think of a plan, or so she thought because out of nowhere a man burst in, breathing hard.

"Larry!" he cried. "A dozen of them are coming. They'll be here in ten minutes!"

"What? Only a dozen?" Larry was visually surprised. "Their weapons?"

"Everyone with the guns... Except for one, he is unarmed."

Mary stared at the man, one was unarmed? Now that's a coincidence.

"Their leader?" scowled Larry.

"No!", the man shook his head. "He's not; another guy is leading them. I don't understand."

"Nevermind that. Greg", said Larry. "You must leave before they come. You must not die; you know what you mean to us. There's a back door, leave and run away before it begins."

"Aye", replied Greg. "I understand. Good luck to you all, guys."

As he went out, Larry turned to his gang.

"They've come sooner than I expected", he muttered. "Alright, we only have ten minutes to get ready. They know we are here, so..." He paused for a moment. "We should spring a surprise on them. Divide into three groups. Mike, you lead a small group, five men. Distract them, and then other two groups will attack. Mary", she shuddered, "Mary, you lead the second group, pick a spot where a dozen of your men can hide. I'll lead the third group. That's the plan, now out!"

The Foxes took their positions swiftly. Cursing herself, Mary led her fellows behind a house opposite to Larry's. The plan was made up in haste, and perhaps it wasn't the best, but according to their scout, the enemy's numbers were incredibly low. She encouraged herself by thinking they will deal with the unknown gang in no time, but couldn't get rid of a feeling something was terribly wrong here.

Finally, they came. Dressed in different colours, like they didn't belong to a single gang. Eleven with guns, one unarmed, like the scout said. They stopped in front of Larry's home. Mike's group came out.

"Hey guys!" said Mike loudly. "Looking for someone? Maybe us?"

None of the strangers even considered attacking them. Suddenly, Mike raised his hands and stabbed himself with his knife. He looked at his own hands in shock and fell to the ground, bleeding.

"What the hell?" everyone thought.

A man from Mike's group hit his fellow with the metal bat he was holding, breaking his skull with a crack that everyone heard. Another Fox slit his own throat with his knife. The enemy gang members just stood there, just watching the Foxes kill each other. Finally, the last of Mike's group had cut his stomach open with his knife. Stunned it took Larry a few seconds before he yelled, "Attack!"

Larry and Mary's groups came out of hiding. They were armed more seriously, unlike their dead fellows, but Larry all of a sudden stopped, staring at his hand in horror. He let go of his gun, but it didn't fall to the ground. Instead, it floated in mid-air and shot on its own accord. One bullet hit Larry in the middle of his head, another shot one of his men in the chest causing everyone top freeze as Larry’s brain splashed everywhere. Their enemies were still. They all had the look of disbelief on their face; they all just stared at their dead leader. While Mary was staring at Larry, her arm moved on its own accord and smacked the person next to her in the face snapping his neck instantly. She felt like the knuckle dusters pulled her fist into her fellow's face. Before she could realize what had happened, everyone began killing each other with every weapon they had. Shots thundered, blood spilled, screams filled the air. Someone put his gun at Mary's forehead, and she grabbed his arm as fast as she could. The Fox screamed in pain, and the sound of a breaking bone was barely heard, but the next moment somebody else shot him. Mary looked around. Everyone but her was dead, and the unknown gang didn't make a single freaking move. Something squeezed her fingers like a pincer. In panic, Mary ran blindly, grabbing the knuckle dusters which for some hellish reason wanted to bite her hand off. Gunshots from behind flew a couple of inches near her head. She pulled the damn piece of metal and somehow took it off her crippled, bleeding fingers. She was also limping. When did anyone do that? And what in the world just happened? Who were those guys? Why was this happening?

Her thoughts were muddled. She didn't know how she ended up at Greg's place. Mary rang the doorbell, and Greg opened the door.

"My God, Mary! Come on, inside!"

Someone laid her on a table. Something fell to the floor, clanking. The sound of dripping blood ceased. Greg was taking care of her hand.

"Let me guess... They're all dead, and you are the only survivor".

"Metal", whispered Mary.


"Metal", she repeated. "They can control metal; we just killed each other."

"Oh... Shouldn't have asked you, Mary", replied Greg, tending to her wounds. "You're in shock. You can't control metal, nobody can".

She uttered something like "knives" and "Larry".

"Enough, Mary". Greg gave her a shot with a syringe. "I already have a headache because of the nonsense the Fishers are telling me, don't you disappoint me. No one can control metal. Superpowers don't exist. Now sleep".

Greg couldn't make out what Mary said before she passed out. He picked up the broken knuckle dusters and took an interested look.

"It was my favourite", he muttered. "Superpowers don't exist, heh. The world is changing”.

He took Mary's crippled hand carefully and closed his eyes. His, and then Mary's fingers slightly glowed for a couple of seconds.

"Superpowers don't exist", said Greg once again.

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