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Mary Rose, Part 2
Be a Hero
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Chapter: Two
Number: 502
Planned by: Altes
Written by: Altes
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: 26th June, 2010
Previous Chapter: Mary Rose, Part 1
Next Chapter: Mary Rose, Part 3

The Story

One week later

"Think we'll be safe here?" asked Greg upon arriving at a house about an hour out of town.

"Safe? Trust me, as long as we stay alive, we won't be safe anywhere", replied a man dressed in Fishers colours. "But this place is the best I could think of. After all, I was born here".

They parked near a small abandoned house and got out of the dirty van.

"Give me the key. I'll go and check Mary".

The Fisher tossed a key to Greg and walked away to open the door of his old home. Greg went to the back door of the van and opened it. Inside, Mary was lying comatose, attached to an IV. Greg touched her forehead and closed his eyes. She was perfectly fine. Greg shut down the IV and removed the needle from Mary's arm. He then touched the spot where the needle had just been and the red spot disappeared.

This was the strangest awakening ever. Mary couldn't feel her body. Her eyes could barely make out the figure standing over her. But colours and sounds were slowly returning, and so were her memories. The last thing she could remember was Greg treating her wounds.


"Get up, sleeping beauty", smiled Greg. "You're fine now".

Mary got up and looked around.

"Where are we?" she asked wearily.

"We are in a safe place, at least as safe as we are going to get. Remember I mentioned there were two guys from Fishers gang who survived? One of them, Cyrus is his name, took us to his childhood home".

"Where are we exactly?"

Greg sighed.

"Miles away from the town; we needed to escape".

"What the hell Greg? Are we going to leave everything as it is? Are we going to let those guys take over?" shouted Mary angrily.

Greg touched her shoulder.

"Mary, you need to calm down" replied Greg in an imperative tone.

And suddenly, Mary's anger faded away.

"Let me explain. Those maniacs were after me as well as after everyone else. And I needed to take care of you. You were in bad shape, so Cyrus suggested getting out of the town. The other Fisher guy decided to stay and fight back. I don't think he made it. But I needed to do my best to help you recover. Let's take a look at your hand."

Greg removed the bandages from Mary's hand. She remembered the knuckle duster trying to bite her fingers off, but her hand looked like nothing had ever happened to it.

"See, you're okay", smiled Greg admiring his handy work.

"Greg, something terrible happened when those guys came to our hood. I'm not sure if that was real, they just..." started Mary.

"I know Mary, you've told me everything in your sleep. Weapons fighting on their own? That's crazy", laughed Greg.

"But it’s true! Greg, I can't explain, but I know what I saw". An idea popped in her mind. "I need to speak to that Cyrus guy, see what he can tell me about them".

"You're welcome. But don't expect him to believe you".

Greg stayed in the van while Mary came out and headed to Cyrus' house.

"But who knows", Greg muttered when Mary couldn't hear him. "He actually told me the same story".

It was dark and dusty inside the house as if no one had lived there for many years. Cyrus was standing at a table, holding a family photo. He turned around when Mary came in.

"You're Cyrus?” asked Mary.

"Yeah. What do you want?" snapped Cyrus.

"I need to know what happened when those guys came after you and your gang".

"What's there to tell?" said Cyrus. "They came and killed us all, except for me and Tully. He dragged me to Greg, and now we're here".

"Cyrus", Mary came closer. "What happened during the fight?"

Cyrus looked at her suspiciously.

"Why do you care?"

"Because they came after us, too. And it wasn't a fair fight. They just, they just stood and did nothing!"

Cyrus gulped.

"You saw it too, didn't you?" asked Mary knowing she was getting somewhere.

"Saw what? Weapons moving on their own?" Now Mary was sure this is exactly what happened, both to the Foxes and the Fishers.

"Right", replied Cyrus. "I've no idea how it's possible. We just started killing each other. I swung my crowbar at Tully, but he dodged and took it out of my hands."

"Wait a moment. What about this Tully guy? Did his weapon move?" asked Mary excitedly knowing she was finally getting to the truth of what happened.

"No", replied Cyrus after a few moments. "He was using his wooden baseball bat, it got snapped, but Tully was the only one who didn't attack anyone".

And Mary remembered what she said when she came to Greg. "Metal... they can control metal".

How is it even possible?

"Thanks", she said. "I think I know what I must do now".

"Wait, you're not going back, are you?"

"That's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going back to stop those psychos".

Cyrus shook his head.

"You're gonna die".

"We'll see", said Mary, as she left Greg came in.

"She's going back?” Greg said to Cyrus, Cyrus only nodded to confirm what Greg knew. "Why don't you help her?"

"Why don't you?” Cyrus responded. "You're as good as I am, but I ain't crazy. I'm staying and you better do the same".

"Oh, I will, don't worry. But I want you to go with Mary and I often get what I want", said Greg and placed his hand on Cyrus's shoulder. Orange sparks ran through his fingers and disappeared. "Don't be afraid. The girl needs assistance, and you'll be a perfect helper. You may die, or you may not, nobody knows for certain, but if you are going to die, be a man at least. Protect the lady, avenge your friends and be a hero".

As he spoke, Cyrus's look was changing. It was like his eyes were glowing and he grew half a foot taller. When Greg removed his hand, Cyrus looked much braver.

"You're right, Greg", he said. "It's the least I can do and I will do it. Someone has to stop them whatever it takes".

"But don't be too much of a hero ", smiled Greg, "you'll be more of use if you stay alive".

"Sure. I won't let her down. Thank you for everything, Greg".

Mary did her best to convince Cyrus to stay, but he was as stubborn as if he was brainwashed. At last she surrendered; he had the same reasons to stop the unknown killers as she had. Besides, since she'd been unconscious for a few days, Cyrus knew the route better than her.

"Okay", she said. "Drive. But hurry up, we must return before they hurt anybody else. And then I'll hurt them", she added vengefully.

"We will be back in town by tomorrow. So what’s your plan?" asked Cyrus.

"Well, we know that we shouldn't be using anything metal. So anything else will be helpful even if that does limit our choice of weapons. We could throw rocks at them, and they can’t stop us".

"Rocks? You've got to be kidding" replied Cyrus in disbelief.

"I am", smiled Mary sadly. "They've got guns, and the best we can do is hitting them with sticks or throwing rocks".

"Perhaps if by rocks you mean bricks, then we can at least knock them out. Actually I've remembered something. When Tully was dragging me away, I heard one of them say, "You did nice as always, Ernie". If we do indeed believe they can control metal somehow..." started Cyrus.

"I know it sounds crazy", Mary interrupted.

"Then I think this Ernie guy is the one doing it. Get rid of him, and we have a chance", finished Cyrus.

"Did you get a look at this Ernie?" asked Mary hopefully.

"No, I was barely conscious. Maybe Tully did, we should find him and maybe he can tell us".

"That's a start. But heck, how are they able to..." began Mary.

"Oh great", interrupted Cyrus while looking out of the mirror.

A police car was chasing them. Cyrus was speeding.

"Don't stop", said Mary. "We can't let them stop us."

"Sorry, but I have to", said Cyrus and stopped the van. Three more police cars blocked the way. "Don't worry; we'll persuade them to let us through. Where's my gun?"

"Are you crazy?” shouted Mary. "There's a dozen of cops, you can't take them all out with a single gun!"

"I heard that, miss", said a policeman who was aiming at Cyrus. "Tell your friend not to do anything stupid, and both of you leave the vehicle with your hands in the air.”

Cyrus slowly began to sit up as Mary got out of the car with her hands up. Within a second Cyrus had turned around and shot the policeman, hopped out of the car and ran around the back of the car. It had happened so suddenly it had taken the policemen vital seconds to react.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? STOP!!!” shouted Mary as the other policemen were starting to leave their cars. Cyrus started shooting from behind the car while the police started to return the fire.

"Take my gun from the van and shoot them!” shouted Cyrus, “I need help!”

Mary didn't know what to do: Cyrus was most likely going to die in moments, and if she attacked the cops, she would die too. But she needed to get into to town and take her revenge. Cyrus shot again, and one more officer fell down.

“That’s one more, 4 to go, start shooting Mary!” shouted Cyrus.

"Call the reinforcements!” shouted one of the remaining policemen. Mary got back into the van and found Cyrus's gun near the pedals. She picked it up and managed to take out two cops who hadn’t seen her lying in the car. While she was getting back out of the van she couldn’t hear anything, she looked at Cyrus who was standing up and smiling.

“Got them.”

"You crazy idiot!” shouted Mary. Cyrus just put on a victorious grin. Mary was so angry she punched him. Surprisingly he flew several meters away as if he was hit by a car. Shocked, Mary looked at her hands. Did she do that?

"What in the world is going on here?” she whispered and came to Cyrus to check him. He was unconscious, but seemingly in one piece, except for a large bruise on his stomach where Mary had struck him. She closed her eyes and cleared her mind. No time to be surprised at every unusual thing. Whether it's all real or not, whether she's out of her mind or not, there's still something she must do. Questions will wait. Mary lifted Cyrus on her shoulders effortlessly and headed straight to the van.

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