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Jenny Rowland
First appearance Jack the Ripper
In-story stats
Known ability Activation and Deactivation
Formal name Jenny Rowland
Age 19
Date of birth 1988
Place of birth London, England
Significant other Gabriel Bishop
Assignment tracker CH08

Jenny Rowland used to be a normal school girl until a strange man with horn rimmed glasses abducted her at an early age. Later discovering her powers, she became an outlaw and a fugitive. She later fell in love with Gabriel Bishop, who trains her power further.

Character History

Volume One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Jenny Rowland: Volume One history.

Jenny is working at the shop where Claude, Irony, Derek and Gabriel enter to get a newspaper. She starts talking to them and inadvertently makes the till open by touching it. After revealing her ability, the Cockney Heroes suggest she comes and finds them to get some help.

About to confront Jack the Ripper, Gabriel goes back to the shop and asks Jenny to join the Cockney Heroes team. She then joins them later that night when they are trying to track down Jack the Ripper at Whitechapel. After finding the dead women Jenny sees Jack disappear into the shadows. After they have driven off, Jenny arrives back at the warehouse with the rest of the team and Officer Bonkin. Later, while Irony is attacking Gabriel, Jenny tries to help, but panics as Irony, under Jack the Ripper's possession, slowly drains Gabriel's life. However, Irony is knocked out and Jack escapes. Three days later, at St. Grays Hospital, Jack returns, and Jenny and the others battle him, eventually defeating him.

Three weeks later, Jenny and the others celebrate Jack's demise. All of a sudden, Danko's team ambushes the party and captures Jenny, Gabriel, Irony, and Derek with tasers.


Derek and Irony talk about how they don't know where Gabriel and Jenny are now.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jenny can activate and deactivate what she chooses. Jenny has shown that she is able to get remotes to activate other objects, in particular a cash register and the Nissan Cube (Jack the Ripper). She has also shown to be able to activate abilities, as she did with Gabriel Bishop (Ambush from an Outside Source).

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