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Gabriel Bishop
Me in exposed future.JPG
Portrayed by Charlie Ashby
First appearance Cockney Heroes Volume 2, Gabriel's Series
In-story stats
Known abilities Original Ability:
Intuitive Aptitude
Current Ability:
Intuitive Empathy
Known Absorbed Abilities:
Activation and Deactivation,
Electrical Manipulation,
Formal name Charlie Ashby
Alias Gabriel Bishop
Nicknames The Special, The Empath,
Age 21
Date of birth 1988
Residence Kirby Plaza
Occupation Fugitive
Significant other Jenny

Character History

In a future where Everyone has abilities lies Gabriel Bishop, his wife Jenny and son Gabriel. Though living in Kirby Plaza his life is far but easy. He is the leader of the CH gang with his allies. Fighting with his friend Derek they have been recently attacking Pinehearst buildings where any trace of the formula can be found. While destroying the last facility Gabriel manages to sneak 2 viles in his pocket in case of emergency. When the CH travel to this future Gabriel enlists (Past) Gabriel and Irony with the viles each.

Evolved Human Abilities

Gabriel's new ability allows him to understand the abilities he absorbs, however he must understand how the user works and feels before he can absorb their ability.

Original ability

With Gabriel's ability enabling him to take the abilities of others, he has acquired many abilities.

Current ability

With Gabriel's ability enabling him to absorb the abilities of others, he has absorbed many abilities.

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