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The competition is now closed, thank you too all those who entered and good luck :)
Hi there Cockney Heroes readers. We are glad you have taken the time to check out our amazing competition.

The competition

  • Make up your own character, choose their name, whether they are good or evil and what they look like.
  • Make up a new ability to give them, this is very important, originality wins.
  • Create your own sub page with information on the ability and your characters background, then post the link on the form below.

The Rules

  • You can change your mind and change your ability or character as many times as you want, however what ever LINK is given on 1st of May will be the page we judge.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Please try not to create a character that is related any character from Heroes as this makes it hard for us to incorporate your character into the story.

The Prizes

First Place

The first placed person will get their character an ability to be a main part of the show, they will become part of the cockney heroes team, will get an episode about them, written by them.

Second Place

The second placed person will get their character to be a recurring character (appearing in at least 5 episodes) and their ability will be absorbed by a main character, so that it is a main part of the show.

Third Place

The third placed person will get a recurring part on the show (appearing in at least 3 episodes) and their ability will be used at least twice.

The Runners Up

All the runner ups will get a guest appearence on the show, with their ability used once and the character having at least one speaking role.


Everyone will get a page (1) for their ability (2) for their charater (3) an assignment tracker and (4) will get a possible future character which will use their ability.

The Entrants

The competition is now closed, please do not edit the table below.

Num User name Character Ability Assignment Tracker
1 Steelymcbeam Jack Hydrokinesis
2 Radicell Shark Object replication Shark's Assignment Tracker
3 Catalyst Mickey Information Absorption
4 Psilaq Remake Tyler Venson Electromagnetic pulses Tyler's Assignment Tracker
5 HiroDynoSlayer Obadiah Gray Ability void Obadiah's Assignment Tracker
6 JHero Devin Campbell Aura Manipulation
7 Peter Daniel Mental Disturbance Daniel's Assignment Tracker
8 Tristan0709 Libby Chang Emotive ability manipulation
9 monroej Stuart Harrison Petrification
10 Piemanmoo Curtis Hovsepian Aerokinesis Curtis's Assignment Tracker
11 Ryan Princess Consuela Banana Hammock None
12 Elemental Manipulator Emmett Marks Ability duplication
13 Linderman Mendez Michael Dunkirk Power Alteration
14 Anthony Gooch Tara Hoffmann Anatomical manipulation
15 Barbedknives Alex Douglas Information Nullification Alex's Assignment Tracker
16 Altes Chris Rowland Temperature manipulation
17 Serphaty KC Energy Conversion


Again thanks to everyone who entered, all of the entry's were Great :)

The winners are...

1.) Radicell (Mr Shark, Object Replication)

2.) Psilaq (Tyler Venson, Electromagnetic pulses)

3.) Anthony Gooch (Tara Hoffmann, Anatomical Manipulation)

Remember everyone gets a cameo apperance in the show, so Again thanks :)


  • The closing date for this competition is the 1st of May at 5PM (GMT).
  • It would be helpful if your character image is a south park one, please go to this south park creator to create your character image, as this will make it easier for your character to become part of Cockney Heroes. If you can not access and would like a south park character please get in touch and we will try to make you one.

Contact us

So if you like the series get in touch with either Chas (Gabriel Bishop) Rob (Irony) or Karl (Laughingdevilboy) or write here. Thanks and good luck...

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